The "Patriot" missile: what a great name! Being against it makes you un-patriotic! So salute smartly and deploy them to defend patriots everywhere.

In all seriousness, intercepting ballistic missiles is very much hit and miss, mostly miss. But the Patriot provides an illusion of defense, the ability to do something rather than nothing, so I suppose we'll keep buying them and shipping them to "friends."

One thing's certain: it has the Raytheon seal of approval.

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More evidence (as if it was needed) that an imperial military-industrial machine is driving the course of international relations and history. Sheer madness. To quote John Lennon, ""I think we're being run by maniacs for maniacal ends".

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Since literally everything is debt spending for the USA and carries interest at around 7% (now and going up), the yearly interest going into the future and burden on our children is $70,000,000 per year, interest alone, just on this one system.

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"One can NEVER change history, this is history, changed !" Libor Soural

I feel you, my friend, well done, you describe it as it is. Even the Bidumb US may understand, we the heavily sanctioned Third World certainly do, we educated savages know better, we never believe the MSM BS flying ! United Satanic America had better not poke the unpredictable Chinese Dragon now that it poked the Russian Bear, a real debacle, a disaster !






I am an imparadised philosopher with the hammer, artistically inclined, fumbling towards ecstasy looking for philanthropists to bail me out. Sort of like Virgil in Dante´s Divine Comedy raising and going through different levels of hell and suffering who just cannot move heaven.

Actually, I am at the Gates of Hell, the Masaya Volcano, google it, and the Masaya Lagoon, being waterboarded by conspiracy elites who did not like my totalitarian dystopia, gurgle, gurgle. My BullShip, or black BullSheep, would not fly to escape. Trump´s fault, white supremacy, I guess.

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