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Speaking of Brezhnev, the median age of the Brezhnev-era Politburo was less than that of today's Congress.

There have been reports that several leading members of Congress are taking Alzheimer's meds on the QT.

Anyway, Biden or any member of Congress can be replaced with a version of ChatGPT that parrots Team R/Team D talking points, just as soon as they figure out how to make a version that also can cash checks.

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All true, sadly.

Remember all the concern about Trump having his finger on the nuclear button? I don't hear any concerns about Biden having his finger on said button.

And, if reelected in 2024, he'll have that same finger poised until he's 86 years of age.

Since presidents, in the case of nuclear war or a warning of such, could be required to make a world-changing, humanity-ending, decision in a matter of minutes, can anyone confidently say that Biden is clearly up to that task?

I can't.

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One benefit of galloping senility among our national security masters (and mistresses) is that they’ll forget their oaths to keep the rest of us in the dark, and blab out a few home truths. An April report by the Pentagon-funded Rand Corporation, summarized here,https://americanmilitarynews.com/2023/09/dementia-in-us-officials-is-natl-security-threat-pentagon-funded-study-says/ indicates that Deep State guardians are alert to this danger. The abrupt termination of Biden’s Hanoi press conference as he was in mid-ramble indicates that security procedures are already in place.

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I found Senility Pays to be such a fun and informative article that I sent it along to a group of friends. Several really didn't like it which made it even more interesting. My link to the Rand Corporation paper is no longer working so if you could resend it I would appreciate it. Thanks again

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