I mean, TBF, the US Military being hamstrung isn't exactly the WORST thing to happen to Planet Earth.

If the US MIC could reduce the standing army to the Japanese post-war military size - about 1 US soldier per foreign base and carrier? - and everywhere else can buy Russian anti-air and EW suites, by lord, we might even have a chance instead to cook or drown by 2050! Bonus... <_<

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good to hear from Chuck!

a bit of update on f-35. it is the anti ooda loop. already pushing 20 years in terminal failed design specs, needs an engine that does not overheat at rated power and a new radar too much data for its data network.

while f-16 and f-18 cannot keep readinesss at budget, bc they were never much more reliable than f-35!

mic profit b4 the common defense.

best result from Vilnius: Biden did not start a nuke exchange…..yet.

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Thanks for using the full "MICC" name as Eisenhower intended.

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One thing Chuck got right from the word go, if you buy platforms and fewer more expensive ones instead of ammunition and parts for the ones you’ve bought, you can’t fight, at least not for long

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It all becomes clearer when one realises that US got knocked off its hegemon seat some years ago (about 2016 when MAGAgain was an influential phrase).

Everything since is about denial and bad loser tantrums.

Thinking of current events as US trying to stay on top is very confusing.

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