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Has the U.S. ever met a war it didn't like?

I remember reading about the Iran-Iraq War in college and its echoes of World War I (trench warfare, poison gas). Little did I know that, 40 years later, I'd be reading about a new war (Russia-Ukraine) with echoes of WW1. And, once again, the U.S. is heavily involved, providing and profiting from weapons deals.

Though I suppose this time we're destroying pipelines, not urging Saddam to build one to Israel.

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Oh, but didn’t you hear? The pipelines were actually blown up by a pro-Ukrainian ‘organization’ with a boat 🙄

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Hell, look at Yemen. Not only do we cover up for the Saudi genocide there, we help the Saudi barbarians commit their crimes.

But for some baffling reason, we aren't treated to lurid depictions of Saudi atrocities on the Nightly News, but boy howdy do we hear about Ukraine.

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Good article. Maybe I missed the part that tells how Israel and Raegan gave the key components of Saddam's CW program, including (Identifable origins) of the chemicals. They instructed him to use them against Iran, co-mingled with conventional weapons. He did as instructed by Israel and Reagan (US).... killing 100,000 Iranians. THEN Saddam used the remainder against the Kurds....most of it. What was found could not be made public....it would readily be identified as US or Israel strains.

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w said, "what's a poet?"

pronounced Pote, natch.

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